Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i am terrible at blogging

it's been 2 months...wow.  i really need to just sit down and write about the things going on in my life that are "blog-worthy".  i will...one of these days! :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


i just am. some things completely take me off guard.  lack of love for others, for example, completely baffles me. yet, i know that is me 90% of the time.  i wonder how many times my Father looks at me and is baffled at my actions.  i can be very self-righteous sometimes until the Lord humbles me by giving a glimpse of my own life.  Lord, change and move us! You are our only hope of change and our only way of loving the people around us.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Home Alone

So Sunday I am moving into the dorms at ASU for choir camp, a camp I work about this time each summer.  So, Oliver had nowhere to go since my roommate, Alicia, was going home.  Well, Alicia wanted to take him with her so she did just that.  They left this afternoon and my house is very empty without him.  I have only had him and year and I NEVER thought in a MILLION years that I would be a dog person.  And for the most part I still am not. I am, however, and Oliver person!  A few mins. ago I took the trash out and instinctively said, "come on, let's go outside".  sad.  I'm gonna miss that lil guy this week...oh yeah, and Alicia too! :)



Friday, June 11, 2010

welp, here we are

summer is here.  here's what i've been doing:

1. getting up at 7, or earlier
2. going to meetings at school
3. shopping
4. swimming at hannah and joe's
5. cooking meals
6. going to meetings not at my school
7. hanging out with the jamie c. and allan oldman
8. enjoying my pup, oliver
9. doing a tiny bit of reading, like 4 chapters of one book and some of 1 Corinthians
10. waiting on next week so this summer can officially begin!

i start working for/with citychurch for the summer and i'm a little nervous about it.  i am also really wanting to increase my time with my Father, i have already felt a shift in our relationship toward me making more time to be in the Word and to trusting Him with the day-to-day.  i am praying for Him to help me in so many areas of my life and i am eagerly looking forward to writing some answered prayers on here soon! :) i am so excited about the possibilities over the next few months!

oh, almost forgot.  i had THE most amazing birthday ever last Sunday. citychurch threw me a surprise pool party complete with fun! :)

here is lil Ollie, once again amazing us all with his skills.  he is now a surfer!  seriously, he is on this thing for like an 1/2 an hour at a time!


Monday, May 24, 2010

just a few more days!

school is almost out and i'm stressed to the MAX!  brookland middle school had our 2nd talent show since i've been there with 31 kids performing....that was friday....crazy day.  last night was the big set up for the awards presentation this morning, i left at 9:40 to come home and finish my essays for the most ridiculous grad school class EVER, that started last week.  of course.  every day this week i am stranded in the auditorium, cut off from all civilization, trying to get at least 125 students at a time on the stage and not killing each other on the risers. oh yeah, and we're gonna make a lil music while we're up there, fireflies and don't stop believin here we come! wednesday is WATER day at bms and i am also on that committee. then thursday, the end is near, the end-of-the-year concert i've been planning for since november.  i am so ready to experience it and to get it behind us.  friday i'm packing my room then headed to atlanta for the weekend because pip will already be back from kenya. i am so excited about spending some time hearing about her trip and also getting to relax in the atl for the weekend, which includes a trip to northpoint and passion city church!!  so what am i doing to prepare for all of this?  studying? doing some prelim. reading for this week's homework? putting together the finishing touches for the choreography (yes, i do "choral"ography, sheesh)? maybe doing a lil pre-packing?  oh no, i took a nap and i am now watching the bachelorette.  that right, i'm setting myself up to hate television by hooking myself to this ridiculous show that makes me hate girls and guys and "love" all together! fun times.

have a more productive and less stressful week than me!


Sunday, May 9, 2010


Congratulations Mollie, Pip, Debbie, Kevin...and anyone else who graduated yesterday!! I am so proud of all of your hard work!! There is, as always, lots to say but no time.  Alicia (my housemate) has gone "home" this week so it's just me and Oliver.  I am hoping to get a lot of blogging done.  I really do enjoy it..I guess I am just self conscious about writing to the world.  I need to get the book So Long Insecurity, for sure!

have a fab week!


Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm sitting here at 9:46PM in my living room with some friends, just talking.  I am suddenly remembering these coke commercials I used to watch when I was a kid where these people would take a drink of this ice cold coke, you know, the one's in the real glass with ice and the visible bubbles fizzing in the air? These people would take a drink and when they were done they would say, "AHHH".   That is what I feel like right now in my spirit (is that spirit or Sprite, I have always had a hard time with those two words).  I have been going 90 to nothin' for weeks/ about a month and tonight is the FIRST night I have gotten home after school, when it's still daylight, and I have stayed here.  All night.  It is absolutely wonderful!  It's refreshing beyond belief.   I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow morning.  I am thinking about giving Oliver a puppy benadryl so I can sleep past 5...I've already cut him off from water.  Okay, we're still goin' strong, I am inwardly too old for this hanging out late but outwardly, I'm keeping it together! HA!

by the way, I don't really give Oliver sleeping meds!